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What is specialized recruitment?

Is an agency with the specific accountability of executing a Full-Cycle recruiting to hunt for the best talent for you.

Which are the benefits?

  • Smart Sourcing
  • Accurate Screening
  • Decisive Interviewing

How can it help your business?

  • Select full-profile candidates
  • Have better and faster hirings
  • Remove hiring bias
  • Reduce hiring cost

Do you have an IT Talent Emergency?

Engineers and IT talent are the most wanted. Contact us to find the specialist you need!

Integrate or restructure full teams in a few days.

Lucioles is a specialized recruitment agency which is focused on accomplishing your specific talent needs. Our talent database will allow you to have your ideal talent with high quality, in less time, reducing cost.

Our current clients

  • Mexico
  • US
  • Colombia
  • France

Extra Benefits

Skills Testing

IT specialist

Competency - Based Interviews

360 Reference Checking

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