Truths and myths of remote work

“I’m doing home office,” “I’m a digital nomad,” or “I do remote work” are some phrases that became popular last year.

Even when remote work began before the pandemic, it is undeniably the popularity increase that it acquired because of it; furthermore, even when the pandemic forced most companies to embrace this work model, there still exist some myths around it.

For both employees and employers, some fake beliefs keep them apart from embracing this model; to clarify how profitable this work model can be, let’s break down some myths of remote work:

 Myth. Communication is a problem. Even when communication is the main point to have successful working relations, it is not necessary to have face-to-face interaction to get objectives done. The key is to be precise and punctual with the info and always be supported by technology.

Myth. “Always-on.” Even when employees might not have a conventional work schedule, they can plan their activities to accomplish objectives. This increases their productivity because it isn’t about the time anymore. It is about the work quality.

Myth. Poor team collaboration. A virtual team is also a team. Despite the team not always having interactions, team members have approach activities. Managers usually are responsible for building the collaborative spirit, having time to time meetings, sharing team goals and achievements, or eventually face-to-face events improving team consolidation.

Myth. Difficult hiring process. Although the hiring processes are different in remote work, and many companies do not have reasonable practices to hire remote workers, we can find specialized companies which possess standard procedures to place the best talent in the right companies. As an advantage, you can reduce the time required to find high-quality skilled professionals adapted to your work culture.

Remote work is for sure not for every company nor every worker. It is for someone seeking more effectiveness in daily tasks; also, it is for those who intentionally are looking for this work model. This way, both employees and employers will obtain the best results and experience from remote work.

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