Your Corporate Training Will Never Work If You Do This

Corporate training is a must in all companies. Although word has it that some training is better than no training at all, every CEO, team leader and employee wants to see positive results after investing money and time on a specific training.

Even so, there are some common mistakes that most companies make when it comes to corporate training. In order to help you to get the most out of your training, here is a list of the things you should avoid when making a Corporate Training: 

  • Do not research your current needs.

Organizing a corporate training just for the sake of having it done is one of the easiest ways of losing money. It is essential to look into your company’s needs and identify missed opportunities.  You must ask the following questions: “what does your company require?”, “how can you actually empower your employees?”. These questions can not be answered through personal perceptions. There exist tests and tools that can help you to discover which are your current needs so you can determine which training suits your company best.

  • Internal coaches.

Another common mistake is choosing someone from inside the company to organize the corporate training. It is true it can make you save money in the short term, but it is definitely a waste of time in the long run. Firstly, it is important to understand that not all who have the expertise, know how to transmit it; it doesn’t matter if someone has a masters on a certain topic, if he/she doesn’t know how to teach and pass on that knowledge, your employees will lose their time. Secondly, internal conflicts and personal perceptions could affect the training.

  • Wrong schedule. 

Be careful with the time and date you set the training, having it outside of work time could lead your collaborators to feel uncomfortable, displeased or even angry. This will affect the way they participate in the training and how they process the new knowledge. 

  • Ignore learning styles. 

Not everyone learns the same way. Anticipating and considering the variety of learning styles and needs will ensure the quality of the training. Engaging your team will make it an individualized process and increase the success rate. A tailor-made training is the best option to cover this gap. 

  • Taking it as one-time. 

Seeing training as an isolated event is guaranteeing its failure in achieving its objectives. Training is a constant process, having updates and constant knowledge renovations is the only way to keep your teams ready for any challenge. It is comparable with exercising: in order to be in good shape it is necessary to have constant physical activity. 

  • Avoid feedback. 

Once the training has been completed, it is essential to see how your collaborators felt about it and what they took out of it. Asking for feedback will let you know what are the shortcomings of the training and how it can be improved, leading you to having real expectations of the results and taking improved decisions for the next one.

  • Not to give one. 

Definitely, the worst way to fail in corporate training is not to offer any. Your team needs to be armed with the best tools so they can perform better and achieve the company’s goals more effectively. 

Remember that Corporate Training is an investment for your company: as much as you want to grow is as much as you should invest. There are some specialized organizations that will walk you through all this process: from detecting your needs to executing the training. If you want to know more about Corporate Training, be sure to check our blog! If you have any questions or if you are interested in training solutions for your company contact us at We can talk and find the best solution for you!

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