5 divergent KPIs in HR for Startups

Your workforce is the body and the spirit of your business; consequently, it should be in the best possible shape to obtain better results. There is a no different situation in a startup; new companies face significant challenges managing teams with varied objectives, have different sizes, and are constantly growing. This situation leads to a complicated position for HR departments, and it brings out a big question; how can HR departments know about the current performance situation and its progress? Short answer, with the proper KPIs.

Which KPIs are suitable?

Every company has its objectives, timelines, and needs; metrics are not different; every business could have, with proper guidance, customized KIPs that allow them to obtain the results vital for them. Even though, here are five divergent KPIs to implement:

  1. Cost per Hire. This indicator will tell you the costs for your company every time you add new talent.
  2.   Talent Turnover Rate. Indicates the temporality of the talents in their positions.
  3. Talent Rating. It will lead you to identify your talents’ productivity and work quality.
  4.   Training Costs. How much are you investing in keeping your team actualized?
  5. Female to Male Ratio. It’ll help you obtain a deeper understanding of your company’s gender diversity and equity opportunities.


The main KPIs for your company will be the ones that offer you the necessary information to make optimal decisions in suitable times to reach your goals and allow your business to grow more healthily.

KPIs suitable for HR are countless, as are the benefits they could bring to your company. For more information, contact us at info@lucioles.io

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