Main Challenges of Hiring Developers

Several different industries are integrating technology into their businesses. This fact has created a huge demand for software developers, which the job market isn’t able to fulfill. With higher demand and shortage of skilled professionals there are some challenges in hiring the right people.

The US Labor Department estimates that the global shortage of software engineers may reach 85.2 million by 2030. Thinking about that, we’ve selected the main challenges one faces in hiring developers today.

First off, there’s a limited pool of candidates. Even with the number of software engineers in the industry growing every day, it can still be hard to find a candidate that fills the exact needs of each company. There is also fierce competition between companies to get the qualified talents. Startups can especially suffer with not being able to compete with bigger companies in terms of offers of salary and benefits. A possible solution is to focus on offering other things (besides a big salary and perks) and hope the candidates consider them. Examples of that, can be: the overall project of the company, possibility for professional growth and company values.

Another thing that can be difficult when trying to hire tech talents is that Engineers often resent long selection processes, so they can get frustrated and end up quitting the process if there are too many stages. This can mean that, sometimes the recruiters have to choose between hiring the perfect candidate or filling the vacancy faster.


The tech talents can be frustrated as well if the company doesn’t offer a remote option for them to choose. Remote work has become prefered and sometimes, a must, for engineers. 

Hiring managers should keep all these challenges in mind when hiring engineers so that they can perfect their hiring process and make their job propositions more attractive to tech talents. At Lucioles, we have a highly qualified team, prepared to deal with difficulties such as those mentioned. We also have a marketplace with thousands of candidates already pre-selected that can be a fit for your company. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us  for a consultation and let’s have a conversation about how we can assist with your needs. We can help you to reduce your hiring time and we also guarantee that you’re going to hire the right talent.

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