Communication: A learned leadership skill

“Great leaders communicate and great communicators lead” Simon Sinek

It is undeniable that communication is the most significant and primary skill for a leader. If we review history, we can find prominent leaders in any field, politics, technology, business, religion, and more; they all share the same characteristic: they are exceptional communicators, but communication is a wide area, let’s say talk about the main points.

What is communication?

By definition, communication is a process of exchanging information between individuals through a standard system of symbols, signs, or behavior. But as a skill, communication is so much more than sharing information, and you need to excel on it, define the tone in which you will emit the message, and learn to listen to understand, not only to reply.

Which are the pillars of leaders’ communication?

Communication is a natural ability as a human, but skill is not innate as a leader. It can be trained. The pillars are:

  • Suit your communication. Adapt the way you share a message to the listener. You need to discover the proper manner to express your ideas, making your teams understand you easily and develop a connection with you.
  • Clarity and directness. Say what is necessary. Being direct with what you want to say avoiding ambiguity will lead you to convey enough information to your team. 
  • Active listening. The soul of communication is reciprocity. Listen to what people around you are telling you. It would drive you to be empathetic and receive the information you need to offer solutions, making your team feel comforted.
  • Body language. Not all come from what you say. Your body also emits a message. You need to develop the correct body language so your message can have a more profound impact. Having harmony between your body and your talk will inspire your team.

In communication, practicing is the key. As much as you make every point as better as you will become in it; besides, you can search for professional coaching to develop this skill and grow into a great leader.

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