Outstanding Interview - The heart in Recruitment Process

We might be talking endlessly about the Job Interview process; usually, we find plenty of articles about how to face the interview as a candidate, but it is a game of two. On the other side is the recruiter, who drives the interview and who is as crucial as the candidate.

It is essential to think, plan and consider the entire Recruitment Process, but definitely, the heart of the Recruitment Process is the Interview; when the recruiters meet a candidate,  they can have a conversation to discover the needs and expectations of both sides: the company and the candidate.

Why is the interview the key to excellent hiring?

First, it is important to understand, upon the position requirements, that the Recruitment Process could have more than one interview.

The interview could be revealing or a waste of time. To take the most advantage of meeting the candidate, you should focus on what information you need to obtain and filter candidates to get the best talent.

Some good practices in interviews are:

  • Establish the information you want to obtain from each question.
  • The candidate must have the word 60% of the meeting.
  • Avoid interrupting a candidate’s speech.
  • The interview should last between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Adapt the interview to each candidate’s profile.


You can read dozens of good presentation letters and resumes, but only an efficient interview could expose the outstanding talent. Remember, a good recruitment process will give you the masterpieces to make your company grow.

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