Cloud Engineer

(2.7K - 4.5K USD / Monthly)

Job ID: E00002
Location: Remote

We are looking for a Cloud Engineer with warehousing optimization experience and cloud deployment for a leading company in the software development sector.

What will you be doing

As a Cloud Engineer your job will consist in helping address performance necessities while dealing with other stakeholders and team members. You will design and develop scripts for infrastructure provisioning in a dynamic and orderly manner to be able to support the operation and the different projects in the area.

Key responsabilities
  • Maintain constant monitoring of infrastructure resources, ensure the resilience of systems and optimal cost management.
  • Develop and maintain DRP (disaster recovery protocols)
  • Infrastructure resources management.
  • Communicate well with team members.
  • Produce specific and detailed reports on maintenance issues.
Candidate Requirements
  • English proficiency.
  • Professional experience in similar positions.
  • Work experience with Python, AWS, SQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Cloud working (AWS, GCP or AZURE).
  • Infrastructure security concepts.
  • DevOps (as a working model) skill set.
  • Management of operating systems (Linux).
  • Knowledge of IaaS.
  • Knowledge of Docker.
  • Knowledge of Git.
  • Knowledge of Gateway services.
  • Knowledge of scripting languages (Bash, Go, Groovy, Python).
  • Knowledge of subnetting.
  • Knowledge of Terraform.
Nice to have
  • Experience in relational/NoSQL, Jenkins, Docker and Celery.
  • Communications skills.
  • Be detail-oriented.
What we offer
  • Remote Position.
  • Work with a global team.
  • Paid in USD.


Cloud Engineer

Job ID: E00002
Location: Remote
Salary range: $2.7K – 4.5K USD Monthly