How Generation Z talents are Reshaping the WorkplacE

Generation Z talents (born after 1995) are beginning the professional journey when the workplace is changing dramatically. According to a report commissioned by social media company Snap Inc, the number of Generation Z employees is set to triple over the next decade, bringing a burst of creativity and digital skills. For organizations to attract and retain the best and brightest of the generation, it will require a different mindset:

The first generation to grow up with a smartphone, Gen Z is used to constant connectivity, more ways to communicate (chat, text, social media, and in-app comments). To feed their desire for a faster pace, the communication must be shorter and more visual.

Generation Z talents want a better work-life balance, more flexible schedules, and the ability to shape their jobs to fit their daily lives. Nearly 75% of Gen Z-ers ranked workplace flexibility as the top employee benefit. When trying to attract and retain Gen Z talent, ensure that you are offering at least some of the flexible workplace attributes they seek for:

• Partial or fully remote work options.
• Exercise or therapy breaks.
• A schedule that allows caregiving
• Allow casual dress code.

COVID-19 has accelerated E-Commerce growth between 4 to 6 years versus previous growth estimates. Consumers shopped online often out of necessity; as a result, the brands were forced to change their strategies rapidly. When hiring Gen Z talents, organizations need to utilize their digital know-how and advanced cognitive skills such as creativity and problem-solving.

Helping Gen Z talents to foster autonomy in their own working style will keep them engaged. It will allow them to take charge of their own job performance, positively impacting your organization’s growth and profitability.

Tell us more about the opportunities and challenges you see when hiring generation Z talents! If your company needs help to design and implement a strategy for a more diverse and inclusive workforce, contact us today at or follow us on LinkedIn.


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