Hire Better Talents Faster

Ask any startup founder, “What is the biggest challenge in growing your business?” and they will answer “hiring the right talents to meet our growth target.” Startups are facing a war for talents. Everyone is looking for rockstars in product development, sales and marketing areas.

We all heard the old adage, “hire slow, fire fast,” which has been the golden rule for many decades. The reality is that most startups need to grow double-digit monthly to cover the high expectations from investors. Therefore, Startups need to find the balance between quality and speed! But one of the biggest mistakes a startup can make is hiring talents in the same way large and well-established organizations do.

The correct answer is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up and to improve the quality and efficiency of the talent selection process. AI helps us with the relevant insights to make the right decision, removing bias. It speeds up the hiring process and identifies what adjacent skills are needed for the roles you are trying to fill.

Lucioles.io AI platform instantly identifies the best talent for each role, analyzing skills and competencies based on a series of tests. Our AI platform can also deliver personalized experiences for candidates and employees by offering relevant training solutions when a skill gap is detected. Lucioles is the AI platform that follows and helps candidates throughout their careers by recommending training solutions to prepare them for their next role, providing them a path to adapt to a constantly changing workplace and environment.  

If you seek help in structuring and optimizing your hiring process or corporate training, please contact us at info@lucioles.io

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