5 Reasons for networking

A theory proposed by the sociologist Duncan Watts states that any person could be reached only by six “jumps”; how crazy is that? You only need a maximum of six people to meet anyone in the world; here the importance of networking, if you are connected to more people you will know who you should call to reach the person you want. If it is not enough, here are five reasons to networking:

  1.   Know leaders. Networking will help you meet leaders from different areas. Knowing influential people could lead you, first, to make it easy to keep expanding your circles of acquaintances and second, it could bring you business opportunities.
  2.   Be seen. Amplifying your connections means that more people will know about you. This could bring you the opportunity to have new projects, people will know you are able to help in certain areas and it could increase your job opportunities.
  1.   Right person. Having a wide circle of acquaintances will help you to know the right person that could aid you in that specific situation. This will make your daily activities easier and it will enhance your life.
  2.   Become a reference. The more people know who you are, the faster you will become a reference. If more people know what you are good at, through time you will become an opinion leader and an expert in your area.
  3. Reach your goals. Through your life or your professional career there are some goals that couldn’t be reached only by yourself, here is where networking would give you a hand. Having a good management of your acquaintances circle will set the steps to achieve your personal objectives.


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